Baccibloo’s 9 Favorite Albums (2012 Edition):

Since it’s december and I don’t want to forget about doing this thing, have this year favorites which, as it’s usual, include a lot of indie/electro pop. Anyways enjoy!

Passion Pit - Gossamer: what can I say? Noisy, happy sounding electro-pop with depressing lyrics, what’s not to like? That aside, Pashy Pit’s (as someone calls them) second LP shows a mature side not only of the band, but of Angelakos’ both as a songwriter and a performer. Impressive.

Favorite tracks: “American Blood”, “I’ll Be Alright”, “It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy”.

Tokyo Jihen - color bars: talking about depressive topics, Tokyo Jihen’s first and last EP plays straight with the farewell concept behind it. Each one of its five tracks was written by a different band member as a way of departing with their fans and with what the band meant for them. A must for every fan, not only of the band, but also of japanese music.

Favorite tracks: “Konya Wa Kara Sawagi”, “Kai Horror Dust”, “sa_i_ta”.

aoki laska - it’s you: with a quirky and refreshing sound, laska’s first album combine’s synthetizers and piano ballads to create a simple, yet surprising album with a really charming atmosphere behind it. A pretty album with no apparent big pretentions behind it.

Favorite tracks: “Backfire”, “kiseki”, “mitemite”.

Mariko Goto - 299792458: former midori’s frontlady (is that a word?) solo debut proved two things: 1) She’s able to produce different stuff  from what she used to do with her band and 2) She’s as amazing at this as she was at noisy punk rock and it’s nice to see artist like her going out of their comfort zones.

Favorite tracks: “M@HφU☆少女。。”, “mamaku”, “uuchan”.

The xx - Coexist: while I didn’t like this one as much as their debut album, Coexist is still an amazing album on its own. A little stronger on the melancholy than “xx”, it seems to rely on a really solid sound to trap the listener inside an incredible illusion where they might think they’ve been listening to a single track while they gave the whole album a full listen.

Favorite tracks: “Fiction”, “Angels”, “Tides”.

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon: I want to make a sidenote, I always listen to the same 20 bands, so don’t judge me o.k? That aside, TDCC’s Beacon takes the electronic feel the band played with on their previous efforts to a new level, adding an even stronger dance feeling to a band that was already solid on that department.

Favorite tracks: “Sun”, “Spring”, “The World Is Watching”.

Ellie Goulding - Halcyon: this album is for Ellie what “Ceremonials” was for Florence + The Machine. Everything here is familiar but was taken to a bigger level. Halcyon combines amazing dance tracks, electronic anthems and moving ballads into a solid and carefully produced album.

Favorite tracks: “In My City”, “Joy”, “My Blood”.

Marina & The Diamonds: confession, it took me a lot to like this one. Marina Diamandi’s second album is a really interesting experience, with each track simultaneously celebrating and bashing things like vanity, beauty and love. Add to that a darker sound that perfectly matches the lyrics and you get this amazing record.

Favorite tracks: “Teen Idle”, “Living Dead”, “Primadonna”.

Galileo Galilei - PORTAL: the addition of a keyboardist to the roster gave Galileo Galilei a new indier/shoegazy sound which is perfectly encapsulated in PORTAL, an amazing effort to combine both their new and original styles into a single product.

Favorite tracks: “Asu he”, “Good Shoes”, “Aoi Shiori”. 

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